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Family Law describes any legal dispute that effects your family relations or rights.  Divorce, child support, custody disputes, maintenance and the list goes on.  Whether you need a Kansas family law attorney to resolve a long, fractious struggle with an ex-spouse over visitation rights; or you need a Johnson County Kansas Family Law lawyer to change a divorce decree, protect you from abuse, or handle a complex military divorce, our team here at Fletcher, Rohrbaugh & Chahine, LLP is here to help.

The Importance of Family Law.

We understand that, right now, you may be under a great deal of stress and not know where to turn.  That is why we are here.  We will  help you deal with your complicated, frustrating, and emotionally overwhelming legal problems. You might be surprised by the abundant resources available to you via a Kansas family law attorney in our firm.  We can help you systematically and strategically approach your family law crisis, understand your rights under the law, simplify what you need to do, explain the precise steps that you need to take (and when and how to take them) and keep you informed and feeling “in charge” throughout your case.

What is Family Law:

Family Law – Divorce

Whether you and a spouse are separating amicably; or you need help managing a situation that’s become bitter and has spiraled out of control; our Kansas family law attorney will fight aggressively to protect your assets and visitation rights, ensure that everyone involved “plays fair” and help you move beyond the hurt and pain and start rebuilding your life.

Family Law – Paternity

Questions of paternity bedevil many Kansas and Missouri families. Whether you’re a mother who wants to prove that an ex-boyfriend is the father of your child, so that you can compel him to pay child support costs; or you are a father who wants to prove your paternity, so that you can finally get a chance to spend quality time with your child, a Missouri or Kansas family law attorney on our team can work with you, help you stay focused on a positive end goal and leverage the law to best effect for you.

Family Law – Child custody

You love your children more than anything, and the thought of having to negotiate when and how you get to see them, in and of itself, can be stressful. A strategic approach to child custody is healthy and smart, not just for you and the other parent but also for the children, who crave and need stability in their lives.

Family Law – Child in Need of Care

If a child you care about has been neglected, abused, abandoned, or maltreated, you may have rights under Kansas law to step into shield the child, protect him or her, end the mistreatment/abuses/neglect and hold any wrongdoers accountable.

Family Law – Visitation Rights

When can you see your child? When can the other parent see him or her? What steps should you take if you want to renegotiate a visitation rights arrangement? What happens if the other parent violates the stipulations in a visitation arrangement? Our Johnson County, Kansas attorney can answer all these questions and more.

Family Law – Alimony

The factors that can influence alimony arrangements are innumerable. They include your income, the spouse’s income, medical conditions either of you has, the nature of your assets, and more. Moreover, alimony arrangements can change over time as ex-spouses take on new jobs, get fired from old ones, remarry, and take on new (or eliminate old) financial burdens. Let a  Kansas family law attorney with our firm help you.

Family Law – Child Support

Has the other parent failed to pay child support, per a court arrangement? Have you been stuck with a child support arrangement that you feel is neither fair, nor justified given the circumstances of the separation? Do you want to renegotiate child support, based on new information that’s emerged (e.g. you or your ex-spouse has gotten a new job, you have lost your job; the child is older, etc.)? Our team can help.

Family Law – Changing Custody

No custody order is “carved in stone.”   With the right change in circumstances, custody can be changed.  You should understand, however, that changing custody of your children is not easy, and it may require some intense, fact finding and planning. The team at Fletcher, Rohrbaugh & Chahine, LLP can help you manage challenges effectively.

Family Law – Enforcement Proceedings

Do you need help enforcing a court order against an ex-spouse or parent? The challenges go beyond logistical and financial. They include significant emotional challenges, as well.  A  Kansas family law attorney with our team can help you develop a customized, principled approach that protects your rights (and the rights of your children, if you have any) and also ensures that everyone plays fair.

Family Law – Grandparents’ Rights

Are you a grandparent who has been denied access to a grandchild or grandchildren that you love due to a falling out with the grandchild’s parents? Although parental rights, in general, trump grandparent rights, Kansas law provides various protection for grandparents. In short, you may have more options than you realize so call and as a  Kansas family law attorney to get some answers.

Family Law – Protection from Abuse

If you have been hurt, abused or threatened in a relationship, extracting yourself from the situation, possibly punishing the abuser and rebuilding your life are all easier said than done. Even simple threats of abuse can be considered a crime. Get confidential, comprehensive, and strategic advice about what to do to protect your safety and your family’s future.

Family Law – Military Divorce

When you divorce a member of the United States Armed Forces, a variety of laws, rules, and legal options may come into play, depending on the nature and length of your relationship, the reason for the divorce, and your jurisdiction. Our Kansas family law attorney can help you find a simple, sound, and appropriate solution to your urgent military divorce questions.

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