The Search for the Right
Missouri or Kansas Criminal Lawyer for You

We understand that searching for a Kansas or Missouri criminal defense lawyer is not easy. Many people are overwhelmed with their circumstances and the information on the web is confusing.   We have designed this page to give your a general overview of the services a criminal defense lawyer can provide, and to tell you more about our criminal defense team.

The defense team at Fletcher, Rohrbaugh & Chahine, LLP can help you design and deliver practical and strategic solutions, irrespective of the nature of the criminal charges you face. Every Johnson and Douglas County criminal defense lawyer of ours serves East Kansas and Western Missouri; and  Christopher Fletcher and  Hatem Chahine have years of criminal defense lawyer experience in the area.

Fletcher, Rohrbaugh & Chahine, LLP represents people in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri including; Johnson County KS, Miami County KS, Wyandotte County KS, Douglas County KS, Leavenworth County KS, Jackson County MO, Platte County MO, and Cass County MO.

Every single criminal defense lawyer at FRC understands that being charged with a crime can cause a crisis for you and your family.  We are here to make sure you understand exactly what you face, to explain the complicated system you are now in, to explain to you all your options and to help you make the best choice on how to proceed.  We will be with you throughout the process, protecting your rights and making sure the government does not take advantage of you.

Charges You Might Face That Our Kansas or Missouri Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Defend

Drug Crimes

Perhaps you were arrested for sale or possession of drugs. Or maybe you were caught trafficking drugs or participating in a drug-related conspiracy. Or perhaps you have been charged with perpetrating prescription drug fraud. In any event, you may face multiple charges, including misdemeanor and felony charges. Our Missouri and Kansas criminal defense lawyer with his team can systematically analyze the evidence against you and use our knowledge, experience and creative insight to come up with a plan of action.

DUI Arrest

Perhaps you were stopped for Driving Under the Influence in Kansas or Missouri and now you need a Missouri or Kansas criminal defense lawyer with expertise in DUI. Now, you face the possibility of having your driver’s license suspended as well as fines, fees, and possible jail time. DUI defendants may have far more resources than they realize. Breathalyzer test results can be challenged, as can blood and urine tests as well as important or crucial evidence. With a proper and coherent defense, DUI defendants may be able to plea down their charges or get them dismissed altogether.

Traffic Tickets

A minor traffic violation may not seem like a “huge deal,” especially when compared to the misdemeanors and felonies discussed above. But if you get a traffic ticket, you may be saddled not just with a fine but also with insurance related problems. In extreme cases, you may even face jail time. At Fletcher, Rohrbaugh & Chahine, we work on all types of traffic violations, and we will construct a vigorous defense for you.

Domestic Violence Charge

Charges of domestic violence are serious. Whether you’ve been falsely accused — or whether there is truth to the allegations — we can help you figure out how to move forward resourcefully and successfully.

Sexual Offenses

Child pornography, indecent exposure, child sex abuse and similar sex crimes are serious charges and often defamatory (injurious to reputation). Whether you stand falsely accused of such a crime — or whether you did commit a crime, — our Missouri and Kansas criminal defense lawyer can discuss your options in a confidential, safe environment.

Theft and Property Crimes

Whether you were caught shoplifting a $200 item from a department store or arrested for masterminding and perpetrating a theft ring in your neighborhood, any criminal defense lawyer at Fletcher, Rohrbaugh & Chahine, LLP can talk you through your options and possible defense strategies.

Juvenile Defense Appeals

If your son or daughter was recently convicted of a juvenile offense — such as purchasing or selling drugs, driving DUI, or perpetrating theft or assault — Missouri and Kansas criminal lawyer will analyze your options and help you figure out a smart way forward.

Probation Violations

If you violated probation, you could face stiff penalties, fines and even the revocation of your probation (meaning you might have to serve time in jail). Our team will take a look at your charges and come up with a sensible, strategic plan for you.

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